Next goal : Andasibe national Park first stop: Tana

Next goal : Andasibe national Park first stop: Tana

Antananarivo, Madagascar 19/08/2013



From fianar I wanted to get in Andasibe, there is a national park where the Indri-Indri lives (another lemur specie ) endemic from the region. To get in Andasibe I had to go first to Tana and then from there go to Moramanga to get a taxi-brousse to Andasibe. This took me 2 days (of course I am in Madagascar; Mora-mora is the motto ( it means slowly ) ;)). 

In the taxi-brousse I was so tired from the day before that I didn’t say much the first part of the trip, the chauffeur even thought I didn’t like to talk to people ^^

But after a good meal and some sweets, they always help to wake me up, we talked a lot about Madagascar and my experience. He also told me that even Malagasy girls of my age didn’t like to travel alone because they are over solicited by all kind of people… I experienced that; it is not funny and quite annoying this even makes me feel uncomfortable and unsecure sometimes but at the end of the day the country gives you so much more beautiful moments to keep and carry with you, that those annoying times are quickly forgotten. 

On the way to Tana, landscapes and villages changed a lot. Villages were richer houses are made out stone and wooden planches instead of reeds and branches where villages were made from in the region of Tulear. People can also utilize the ground easier, it rains more in this region and it is a little colder and almost everything can grow so agriculture is very present.

It is good in one way because people have more food but they utilize every little spot of ground for the cultures and destroy the forest for it. It was therefore a very sad trip, all this burned forest waiting to be cultivated, all those animals without home. This is a huge problem in Madagascar, to nourish the population they destroy their beautiful forests, animals lose their habitat and food and get extinct. For a biologist like me it is very said because 80% of the species found in Madagascar can’t be found anywhere else. If they get extinct here they get extinct from the whole world… It is important to help those people find new methodologies to get food and make some money without destroying their nature through ecotourism or NGO’s working with communities, etc..

Let’s get back to our taxi-brousse day :

We arrived in the beginning of the evening in Tana, I am not a big fan of cities in general and I hadn’t had a really good start with Tana either. When I arrived I took a cab to my hotel and of course I got “vazahed”, by witch I mean that the taxi chauffeur asked me 4 times the price of a normal trip. This pisses me off, I am not stupid I know that he asks me way to much ! I negotiated almost half an hour and got the price divided by 2, I still paid double the price but at least not 4 times. I always get vazahed the first time in a city, I hate that !!

So my image of Tana wasn’t and still isn’t very good and then came traffic. Tana is so European and so Malagasy at the same time it is weird ; there is traffic everywhere and you get stuck at every time of the day, everyone is very busy I really felt being back to real life by which I mean the European way of living and at the other hand there is still this chaotic Malagasy atmosphere and way of living, typical shops are still all there etc... I will have to get used to it before I really understand the way people live and are in Tana. But next goal is Andasibe, I am so excited !!  



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