The rainforest in Andasibe and the wetland in Torotorofotsy

The rainforest in Andasibe and the wetland in Torotorofotsy

Andasibe, Madagascar 23/08/2013



On Wednesday, I went for my walk into the rainforest. The rainforest was quite similar to the one in Ranomafana, the big difference between both is that Andasibe is situated a little higher than Ranomafana, it rains more ( I had my first rainy day there ) and it is a little colder. Vegetation is therefore some different and you can find the rare and endemic Indri-Indri, this is the biggest lemur specie of Madagascar. The Indri had the most mystical communication sounds, especially those to protect their territory, It was so beautiful ! As good as hearing whales ! They do those sounds in the morning around 9-10o’clock until 12 ich. You can hear them in the whole valley, it was so amazing !

We had the chance to hear one very close to us when we were walking, the Indri was on a low branch and we could get really close to it! Unbelievable ! 

We also saw a chameleon, bamboo lemurs, orchids and lots of other stuff. Andasibe has a great rainforest the only thing that I didn’t like there was the presence of leeches they come onto your trousers looking for some tasty flesh to get blood. Iiih !

The next day I went to Andasibe the reserve is located at 1.5km from the village, when I was walking to the village I saw a bamboo lemur jumping from tree to tree. It is great to just be walking and having the chance to see such beautiful wild life. Andasibe was the most atypical village I had seen so far; it didn’t look like all the others, it had this western king of atmosphere, very special and funny. I walked the whole morning in the village, going in every street to see what there was, tasting every little thing I found intriguing. In the evening we went for a night walk ! I love night walks they are even better than day walks ! When we went into the forest we walked next to a little river, there were so much frogs in it! Hearing and seeing the frogs with a bright full moon behind the clouds in the background was magical ! We continued our walk through the sleeping forest, saw some chameleons, birds sleeping ( so cute !! ) even a very rare specie; a red kingfisher!! After that we went walking next to the road trying to find a little night lemur, we saw a mouse lemur, It was a great night walk !

Friday was Torotorofotsy day, I was excited the morning we went very early to the wetland because the association was doing a bird monitoring in the area that day. I first walked with them in the wetland, between the cultures looking for frogs and birds.

The wetland is known for the golden frog that is living and protected in this area unfortunately it isn’t the right season to see it.

The wetland was located 14 km from the village there was an old and unused train railway going to Andasibe. We walked the whole way back on this railway. It was a very nice walk we went through little villages, forests; we saw some nice landscapes and animals. A perfect ending to my stay in Andasibe .

The program of the next day was getting in Tana, the capital of island. To spend my last days there to discover the city and meet some people I had had contact with before I left Europe.    



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