Arrival at Andasibe

Arrival at Andasibe

Andasibe, Madagascar 20/08/2013



I arrived in Moramanga, quite early actualy from Tana. The road wasn’t too bad and the taxi-brousse neither so we did this 200km between Moramanga and Tana in a few hours. Moramanga is a little city in the East of Madagascar, it is quite busy but it has kept this village atmosphere; people say hello, come spontaneously help, I really missed this in Tana and Manakara, being big cities.

Andasibe is a little village of the big roads, the taxi-brousse going there was a big thing, actually it was a kind of bus there were 18 seats we got in with at least 36 people. People were sitting between seats, standing and the luggage men had to stay on the outside of the bus. I was so happy to be in such taxi-brousse, I had the best taxi-brousse trip ever !

I arrived at the National Parc in the beginning of the afternoon, I went to the association of Mitsinjo which have a small reserve of their own and also do some work with the local communities. All their benefits are directly going to their projects with the locals.

After sorting everything out with the guide I had a nice program: the next day I would do a 5 hour walk into the rain forest, the next day would be a day to discover the village of Andasibe and do a night  walk and Friday on my last day in Andasibe I would go to the wetland in Torotorofotsy to do a bird watching. I was so excited, I was glad to be back in a little village, I feel much comfortable in villages. I think it is because I am travelling alone, in big cities you are quickly invisible in villages I always meet people and then next day I see them back when I do my shopping we have a little chat. I really feel less alone in villages and people are always so surprised when I great them in Malagasy and always great me back with a big smile, you don’t get that in cities.

I had decided to camp in Andasibe there was a little camping place behind the Mitsinjo information desk. I was alone on the camp side I was glad I did it because I had the chance to wake up hearing birds singing, one night I even heart a bamboo lemur coming next to my tent !!



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